Érudit, um novo site dos recursos em linha de universidades canadianas

“Érudit is based on the pooling of resources of Quebec universities,” says Guylaine Beaudry, director of the digital publishing centre of the Université de Montréal and executive director of the Érudit consortium. “We have gathered­ in a single information system­ articles, theses, symposium proceedings, and other types of documents that can be cross-referenced together or searched separately. In addition, we were able to digitize and make available certain scholarly journals of which no university possessed the complete collection. Thanks to digital technology, we were able to reassemble these collections while increasing their dissemination.”

Reenvio de Peter Suber


Wikiworld: Political Economy and the Promise of Participatory Media

Para os autores deste novo livro, a abertura ao conhecimento para todos é fundamental.