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Mais um documento que visa esclarecer sobre os aspectos fundamentais a ter em conta na publicação de artigos científicos.


Mais um título da BioMed Central: Epigenetics & Chromatin

"Title: Epigenetics & Chromatin
Editor(s)-in-chief: Frank Grosveld, Steven Henikoff
Abbreviation: Epigenetics & Chromatin
ISSN: 1756-8935
URL: http://www.epigeneticsandchromatin.com/home

This journal aims to understand how gene and chromosomal elements are regulated and their activities maintained during cell division, differentiation and environmental alteration. Epigenetic research is concerned with heritable changes that do not change DNA sequence, but rather involve stable modifications of chromatin, DNA or protein conformation. Epigenetics is a broad area of research that is important for understanding the basic processes of cellular life, and as such has implications for a wide range of disciplines. The field encompasses studies that use model systems to discover and investigate epigenetic mechanisms, as well as studies aimed at combating diseases that involve epigenetic processes. The current articles are in their provisional PDF format, but the full-text and final PDF versions will be available shortly".

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Universidade de Glasgow reforça posição relativamente ao OA

"The University of Glasgow is proud to announce a new Publications Policy which will require authors to deposit the full text of peer reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings in the University's institutional repository Enlighten where publisher agreements permit this.

The University has been at the forefront of repository developments since 2002 when the internationally recognised DAEDALUS Project, funded by JISC, was founded. Glasgow is an internationally renowned research intensive University producing thousands of research publications each year. In joining major institutions and funding bodies worldwide the University recognises the importance of free and unrestricted access to scholarly literature in the furtherance of research; and the importance to researchers of maximising the impact of their research across the world.

Professor Steven Beaumont, OBE CEng FRSE Vice-Principal Research and Enterprise said 'The University of Glasgow generates over 3,000 research papers per year. Since we began to put these into Enlighten on a voluntary basis there have been over 1 million downloads. Enlighten really does help the University to showcase its research and to increase the impact of that it has on society. This new policy will make that impact even greater. I very much appreciate the support of Senate in adopting this move.'

The policy came into effect at the beginning of the 2008/2009 academic year".

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Prémio Nobel da Física 2008

Estão disponíveis três dos artigos que descrevem o trabalho premiado com o prémio Novel do Prof. Y. Nambu:


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